Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vampire Weekend-Vampire Weekend

When I first heard about these guys last year I read that they were being called "Prep Rock" which of course made me throw up in my mouth. Probably the only term to describe a band that would turn me off more is "soulful". But despite that bad first impression once I heard them I was totally blown away. I love this record.

Vampire Weekend's debut is just a ridiculously fun and catchy record. These guys basically came out of nowhere and got a ton of hype (for better or for worse) but I would say the hype is definitely warranted. Tracks like Oxford Comma, Campus and One (Blake's Got A New Face) are just such great tracks. Yeah yeah yeah so the guys in the band don't look like a bunch of heroin addicts. Oh boo-hoo.

I know I'm gushing but this is just such a refreshing record. Most of the new bands/artists I've really been enjoying lately have been Electronic or Noise stuff and it's so nice to run into an actual rock band doing something interesting instead of putting me to sleep. If these guys can get on radio or whatever it takes to break out nowadays (it certainly can't be through MTV they don't play videos anymore) I think they could be huge. And hey hipster i'm sorry to say but yeah this band probably would be something that preppy guys would enjoy. I have an idea, get the fuck over yourself and not worry about your pose or who else is listening to a band you like and just enjoy some good music. Me? I can't wait to see where Vampire Weekend go from here.

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darkman said...

vampire weekend plays at the blind pig in ann arbor tonight. hope you can make it.