Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Furry Animals-Hey Venus!

There are very few Britpop-era bands still around. Besides Radiohead, Super Furry Animals are pretty much the only dudes still making interesting records. No seriously, name one other British band who hit even semi-big between say 1993 and 1997 that's still doing anything right now. Here, i'll give you a second. Oasis you say? I said interesting. I consider them the British version of Limp Bizkit. Supergrass? Meh, all their records sound the same. Menswear? Okay, time to stop.

Back to SFA. Their new record is Hey Venus!. And it's pretty good. Apart from that cover. Geez, whoever made that must've taken the brown acid. Anyways, Super Furry Animals have never released a bad album and Hey Venus! fits very nicely into their discography. That being said Gryff and the boys aren't really covering any new ground either. I think it's a bit late in their career to expect them to change it up too much, so i'm not disappointed with this record at all, i'm just saying if you liked SFA before this record you'll feel right at home and if you hated them before, Hey Venus! won't change your mind.

One thing about Hey Venus! that is sticking out for me is their seems to be more of a 70's rock vibe going on than their usual Britpop/Flaming Lips psychedelic pop sound. Maybe i've just never heard it before but i'm definitely hearing more of a T. Rex and David Bowie vibe going on here. I mean I know that SFA have always been influenced by those artists it just seems to me that they're letting their influences hang out a little more this time. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm just saying, is all.

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palejoe said...

...Ah!! BritPop..Ah!! the Super Furry Animals!!...i agree with the comment that the new is nothing new,always consistent albums, yes definitely..they constantly play shows in the u.k & in their native Wales & they're spoken in the breath as Manic St P./StereoPhonics(god like in other werds)...they actually have quite a following in Oz too...but alas just a another could've/??should've band on the international's good to still 'av 'em 'round tho,they bring us back to a point in time that seems eons ago....sigh...why can't Damon & Liam just get into it 1 more time...