Friday, February 15, 2008

New Love #1

In an attempt to bring balance to the cosmos with my hatin' Myspace Round-Up posts (the second edition of which will grace this page sometime tomorrow) I give you the first edition of New Love, where I unleash some groups on you that i've recently discovered in my travels that I think ya'll should check out. See, i'm (mostly) all about love! All these artists get the My Music Jerk Seal Of Approval. Check 'em out!

Army Navy
These guys are pretty nice and put me in a happy mood. I get a definite New Pornographers/The Smiths/Suede "Jangle-Pop" vibe. They get extra "high-five" points for describing themselves as Indie/Chinese pop/Happy Hardcore. Oh you kids.

These New Puritans
OMG, I think these guys are just absolutely super. Imagine Art Brut if they were more Post-Punkish and threw some electronic beats into the mix. Their debut record comes out in the states on March 18th. I'm going to pick it up and I think you should too!

Metro Area
Are you ready for some disco? Heck yes! These guys sound like 80's Disco/R&B only not totally dated and shitty. Rad. Grab your neon pink pants and i'll meet you on the dance floor.

High Places
These guys are a little hard for me to describe beyond if Black Dice had a female vocalist and they tried to make a Pop record. And throw some (recent) Animal Collective in the mix too.

Spider And The Webs
Featurng Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill and The Frumpies fame, S&tW play good old Pacific Northwest Indie Rock. I hope they put out a full-length soon because they've been together since 2004 and only have a 4-song EP to their name so far. Hurry up guys!

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