Monday, February 4, 2008

My Music Jerk: The Manifesto

Hello children hello. Welcome to My Music Jerk. So what’s this site all about? Music. That’s it. I’m here to talk about tunes I think are worth a damn. I’ll also sometimes talk about shit music so that you don’t have waste your time and ear cells on garbage.

The main focus of this page will be music reviews but I’m also going to do the occasional list and hopefully if I can get my ass to some shows I’ll post pictures and a live review. Down the road I’d like to do some artist interviews possibly maybe. Who knows?

But yeah, I’m going to give you my honest opinion in the reviews. I’ll cut through the bullshit, the hype, the bad taste, the overrated detritus. And I’d just like to say that one thing you won’t find here are record reviews trying to pass themselves off as a Master’s Thesis. I hate that shit. I dealt with enough of that crap in college.

Another thing I want to mention is in the beginning at least most of the reviews are going to be positive because I’ll only be reviewing records I purchase. That’s right I pay for the music I listen to. I feel I owe the artists for rocking my ears and tapping my toes. Yeah, pretty lame I know.

Hopefully down the road I can start getting promo records and really start slagging off stuff but we shall see. So yeah record labels hit me up and I’ll give you my mailing address. If you want me to review your band’s (probably) shitty record, feel free to contact me at the and we can figure it out.

Okay enough of this happy horseshit. Let’s talk tunes.

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