Thursday, February 7, 2008

Times New Viking-Rip It Off

The sounds these guys play remind me of the 90's only not in a derivative way like Blood On The Wall. Rip It Off totally could've come out on Kill Rock Stars 15 years ago and sound exactly the same. I was pretty surprised when I heard TNV had signed to Matador especially since their old label was legendary noise label Slitbreeze. Anyways, these guys play sloppy chaotic noisy indie rock that makes me want to throw light bulbs at walls and people. The recording is pretty lo-fi and it sounds like it could've been recorded live. It totally fits them though. A scrappy mix for a scrappy band.

Ironically, the cover to Rip It Off has peace signs and rainbows all over it but then they go and have songs with titles like Faces On Fire. Make a decision guys! They also get the award for best song title of 2008 so far with Times New Viking Vs. Yo La Tengo. I'm pretty sure the young punks in TNV can totally take the oldsters in YLT. They must be like 40 by now or something.

Oh yeah, and did I mention how loud this record is? When it came on my Hi-Fi for the first time it just BLASTED me with waves of sound. This is always a good thing. I just noticed looking at the back of the album that they recorded this disk onto magnetic tape not digitally which is always nice to see in this day and age. In the words of Mr. Steve Albini: "Fuck digital. The future belongs to the analog loyalists." And with Rip It Off, Times New Viking are loyal alright, loyal to caving our skulls in with a beautiful rawkus.

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palejoe said...

Now this is summit i enjoyed immensely...from the sleeve which i imagined it was 1985/86 & it's Oz summer hot & i just got my cassette mail-orders from some obscure tape club(found in some off the wall Brisbane,QLD(pig city-fascist state)record store in the midwest(where's that?..the desert?) Amerika..i love it! really original in comparison to the digipak dross ov today..the sound itself i agree with the jerk that is has got that 1990's time for the guru feel but i could even see it coming out the wood werk back in the 80' does blast from the stereo somewhat but that gives even more originality & d.i.y aethetic, i secretly dream ov it being recorded onto a cassette deck in a lounge room...