Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Music From Juno

Before I ever saw Juno or heard the soundtrack I was warned that it was "too cutesy". I ignored this and saw the movie and let me just say that the soundtrack is an absolute perfect match for the movie. Is it cutesey? Yeah. Is that a bad thing. Hell naw. It's just a super happy, romantic, love is spiffy mix of goodness. You heard me: spiffy.

It has it's share of "Hipster Seal Of Approval" bands on it like Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, Cat Power and Belle & Sebastian but the real magic are the tracks from The Moldy Peaches and specifically Kimya Dawson. Dawson is 35 (Wikipedia, is there anything you don't know?) but she is amazingly great at 1. Sounding like a 15 year old and 2. Writing songs that lyrically, sound like a 15 year old girl wrote them. Hence the cutesyness.

When I listen to this disc, all it makes me want to do is make a "I think you're the cat's meow" mix for my crush and then give it to her and we can listen to it while snuggling under a big blanket drinking hot cocoa. Now i'm depressed because I don't have a crush to make a mix for. Anyways yeah, I recommend this soundtrack highly. I've probably seen a few thousand movies in my day and the Juno soundtrack is one of only 32 soundtracks I own. So yeah go check it out and go check the movie out. You'll have half the tracks stuck in your head for a week, especially All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar, which opens the movie. Goddamn I love that song. And it's catchier than herpes.

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palejoe said...

...i can't even bring myself to comment.....the last time i saw that lil' up the duff chica from 'Juno' she was seriously fuckd up & torturing some guy in 'Hard Candy' not confuse Ellen Page with Elaine Page 'cause i wouldn't wish the suffering that would befall the unwary if that were to happen...remember 'Cats'? i said i can't even bring myself to comment...