Monday, February 11, 2008

The Brunettes-Structure & Cosmetics

This is really the first non-new release to be reviewed on my little blog so far. I still have two new releases I plan on reviewing soon (today or tomorrow) but i'm basically caught up with covering 2008 releases at this point, so expect more reviews of older records from here on out. Not that The Brunettes' Structure & Cosmetics is super old, it came out last year. Anyways, The Brunettes are from New Zealand and play very sweet girly Indie Pop. They have a total 60's Pop meets Belle & Sebastian vibe. It's not Twee but it certainly is precious.

I saw them live last fall at The Shelter in Detroit and it was a pretty good show. Despite the lackluster turnout they gave it their all. And I talked to them a little bit after the show and they were super nice. This is a great band/record to listen to while holding hands with your sweetie pie. Another thing these guys are good for are that mix cd you're making for that Indie Rock girl in your class you have a crush on who always wears that old Beat Happening shirt. For that I would recommend track #1 of S&C titled Brunettes Against Bubbelgum Youth. She'll be wearing your favorite cardigan before you know it.

The only real problem with The Brunettes is that at times they're almost TOO precious. You might need to take a break to listening to this sugar rush of a record half way through. That's a minor complaint though. Anyone who likes stuff like The Boy Most Likely To or the Retro-Pop stuff like The Pipettes that's all the rage right now will totally dig Structure & Cosmetics.

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