Thursday, February 7, 2008


Man, nobody knows this band but I think they're totally great. Kontpab is their second record and their first for lovely K Records. Mahjongg is one of those bands whose sounds I kind of have some difficulty explaining. Overall, they have a live percussion meets synth thing going on that's dancey but not really dance music. They sometimes remind me a lot of Trans Am but they also have a tribal thing going on at times that reminds me of OOIOO and then they rock the motorik sometimes too that makes me think of Neu!.

Though not an instrumental band, the vibe I get from them is that they just use the vocals as just another instrument. The vox are usually pretty fuzzed up and mumbled and it's pretty hard to follow what they're saying most of the time. But it sounds good so no worries! Another quality they have I like is that they come off as vaguely political without any lyrics to speak of. Trans Am and Godspeed! You Black Emperor are also good at this. I think that's neat.

You know what? I'm going to go see if I can find the lyrics to this record online. There aren't any in the booklet, but the back insert is one of those totally rad 3-D things you stare at and then the picture pops out we all enjoyed in the 90's. What were those things called again? I miss those guys. No luck on the lyrics. Damn. I guess it's not that important. What IS important is that this is a super nifty record and you should all check it out. And then you can listen to Mahjongg while playing mahjongg! LOLZ!!!

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palejoe said...

I'm unanimous Jerk...Now if you look @the P-fukd site(that's pitchfork droogs) the first thing they say 'bout Mahjongg is was that they seemed like a band that might have been on Factory Records in 1980. My second thought was that I actually had no idea what the fuck I was talking about."..Now i'm glad the droog who wrote this renigged immediately...Sums up the 1st class jouno integrity ov P-fukd...Anyways, i like Mahjongg..the game....& Mahjongg the band are good too....Play both at the same time & you'll see that you won't understand either takes the way don't get mixd up with Mahjongg the 'afro-cuban kaftan wearin' let's go to the 40 summit bar & hit on the b-grade milfs dance band favoured by the humanitarian rabbit food eatin' leftiy commie pinko poofta bastards'...