Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ellen Allien & Apparat-Orchestra Of Bubbles

To people already familiar with Ellen Allien this record may come as a bit of a shock. Instead of her usual Electroclash-ish dance craziness, Orchestra Of Bubbles is better suited for the ride home at three in the morning from the club or just chilling with the headphones on than the dance floor. This is probably due to her collaborator on this record, Apparat, who's own records are of the much chiller IDM variety (do people still us that term?).

Anyways, this is definitely a nice relaxing record. Mostly instrumental, it just ebbs and flows out of the speakers and you feel all warm and content. I guess you could dance to some of the tracks on here like Floating Points or Leave Me alone but this is more a mood record than a dance record. Hmm...You know what? This might even be a good record for making love. It's got a pretty good tempo for that kind of stuff. Too bad I'm in no situation to find out.

Once thing that I definitely like when two solo artists collaborate together is that neither dominate the project which is very true with Orchestra Of Bubbles. You've got the strong clean production of Allien with the more ambient flourishes of Apparat which come out more restrained here and don't end up falling apart into overlong ambient sprawl. I have solo records from both artists and I must say that I enjoy their own records more than this collaboration but it's always nice to see artists from the very insular Electronic world reaching out to come together on projects and create work that neither would've been able to on their own.

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